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Kim Crawford Music Lounge

by Nannette Eaton on April 25, 2009

“I certainly aim to produce wines with a distinctive character and a natural, uncluttered taste.  All the signs are that such wines are readily appreciated by an increasingly discerning wine-drinking public.” — Kim Crawford

“A key element in our success is that we’re part of that urban scene, which certainly helps keep our brand hip, cool and funky. This is reflected in the arts projects we sponsor, such as New Zealand’s amazing Black Grace dance company and young emerging artists. We also get a lot of support from New Zealand’s gay community, which has proved wonderfully loyal to our label.”  — Erica Crawford

Kim Crawford WinesA quick look at the rock-and-roll Kim Crawford Wines website.  Kim Crawford Wines began thirteen years ago as a virtual winery with grapes sourced from contract vineyards with the wines being made using other wineries facilities.  Look at them now.  A worldwide mega-brand.

They are using their notoriety well, sponsoring the Australian Emerging Artists Tour, Chicago’s Function+Art Etsuko exhibit, hosting Wine Harlots’ favorite blog DailyCandy Sweetest Things awards, as well as sponsoring this week’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Kim Crawford partners with Courtney Cochran, Your Personal SommelierTM and author of Hip TastesTM to provide entertaining Hip Tips for your next get together.  Courtney offers ideas for throwing your own tasting parties from a flower-power fête to an Iron Chef-like through-down, to inspire the savvy hostess.

What’s a wine website without a couple of recipes?  They provide just enough content to inspire mad cooking crusades.

But the best part of the site is the Music Lounge, where every season they showcase a group of up-and-coming musicians that you can download for free.  Yes, free.  We Harlots love our freebies.  And they’re good tracks, too.  Last season, I was obsessed with “Wreckage” by Ben Jelen from the album Ex-sensitive.  It’s no longer free, but come-on, live a little!  Head over to iTunes and break the bank and spend a buck.  It’ll change your life.  This season, the girl anthem is “Unbeautiful” by Lesley Roy from the album Unbeautiful. Being a wee bit compulsive, I also download the wine labels as album artwork for my iPod.  It makes me smile during a grueling workout when I’m listening to great music and look down as see a great wine.  Hey, whatever motivates you, and this works for me.  Wine Harlots hope you’re motivated to experience Kim Crawford and score a few tunes as an added bonus.