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LangeTwins Generations Petit Verdot/Petite Sirah 2007

by Nannette Eaton on April 27, 2009

“There are worlds of experience beyond the world of the aggressive man, beyond history, and beyond science. The moods and qualities of nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define; we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit.”  — Ansel Adams

LangeTwins Generations 2007 Petit Verdot | Petite Sirah

Wine Harlots are total fangirls for this wine.  It’s a simply delicious elegant effort; there isn’t a false note about this wine.  This wine is happiness in a glass.

The depth of color is extraordinary.  It’s an enchanting plumy-magenta, the color is as deep a purple as it can be without crossing the threshold into black.  Great legs.  It’s a whole lot of fun to swirl in a glass; this juice is mesmerizing.  The LangeTwins promise purple teeth with this one, and boy, do they deliver.  Not that we’re complaining!

The flavors and aroma are of blackberry and boysenberry jam.  The fruit is present, but nuanced.  The wine has oak, but it’s unobtrusive.  It has a delightful soft mouth feel, but there is structure to this wine.  It has a spine, but it’s supple.  It’s really a beautifully crafted wine.  The LangeTwins have mastered duality.

For you hardcore winos, this wine will not be a disappointment, there’s a lot to discover in this bottle.  Conversely, if you’re newish to wine and want to branch-out and explore different varietals, but are intimidated and know don’t where to begin, this is a great pick to start you on your journey.  It’s an emotive wine.  You don’t have to over-intellectualize.  It’s an easy wine to love.

The full name of this one is: LangeTwins Family Winery & Vineyards Generations Petit Verdot/Petite Sirah 2007.  The alcohol is 13.9%, but the wine is so balanced, it’s like being embraced in a warm hug, (as opposed to being assaulted with excessive heat). The closure is a screw-cap.  The varietal is 66% petit verdot and 34% petite sirah, from Lodi.  The petit verdot is sourced from a small vineyard adjacent to the Lange family home.  The wine retails for $20 and is available exclusively from LangeTwins Family Winery & Vineyards, only 200 cases were created this year.

The Lange’s are a five generation farming family from Lodi.  Besides crafting beautiful wines, they are committed to sustainable practices.  Check out their website.  It’s beautifully designed and content rich.  It’s a terrific example of a great business website.

For you social media mavens, be a friend to Joe Lange on Facebook; on Twitter be part of the flock @LangeTwins.

Because the Lange’s are twins, and there were two varietals in this bottle, we’ve decided on two music selections, instead of the standard single, because the Wine Harlots motto is: “excess is best.”  The first pick is the gorgeous “Home” from Michael Bublé from his album It’s Time.  The second track changes tempo with a  techno-edge, “I’m Good, I’m Gone” by Lykke Li from Youth Novels, which sums up your opportunity, this wine’s really good, it’s a limited edition, capture your opportunity before it’s gone.  Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you!