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by Nannette Eaton on April 15, 2009

“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”   — Desmond Tutu


Sebeka Cabernet-Pinotage 2007

Sebeka Shiraz-Pinotage Cape Blend 2007

I first heard about Sebeka last fall from the “Wine Harlots Atlantic Division.”  Atlantic raved about the quality to price ratio and strongly advised me to procure a few bottles.  Of course, when my sister tells me to do something, I regularly ignore the suggestion.

In March, I met Dawn Ellinwood at her salon Ubuntu Hair Studio for a an opportunity to meet the folks at 31 Bits, a dynamic group of young women who have created a business selling handcrafted Ugandan jewelry in the United States.  31 Bits has placed the jewelry in a few select retail outlets and have launched an on-line store.  The jewelry is fun and funky, perfect for a casual summer outfit.  Your purchase allows Ugandan women to provide for their families and their future.  I encourage you to check out the 31 Bits website.

At the Ubuntu party, Dawn served Sebeka.  Both wines were delightful.  The Cabernet-Pinotage was dark and delicious with all the berry tones you expect in a cabernet.  The Shiraz-Pinotage, which they call their “Cape Blend”, was fantastic with classic jammy, peppery spiciness.  For those who dislike pinotage because of prior experiences with the “burnt-rubber-tire” flavor, it was not in evidence in these wines.  Instead they had a lush smoky earthy chocolate vibe going on. A very pleasant experience.

The wines alcohol content was 13.8%.  The closure is a jazzy synthetic cork, bright yellow with cheetah spots.  This wine is widely available and depending where you are located will run you $7-11 USD.  Check the Sebeka website for retail locations.   This would be a good wine to stock up on for summer barbeques.  These wines are perfect to be paired with anything you might be putting on the grill.  I’ve paired the cabernet with lasagna and garlic bread, and it was tremendous.

The lesson learned: listen to your siblings.  Message received.

The music pairing is “Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling)” by Youssou N’Dour from the album Rokku Mi Rokka.  Youssou N’Dour believes music can change lives.  In this spirit he has made this song open-source and major artists have made remixes to raise awareness and support the work being done by IntraHealth OPEN.  The downloads are free, and I encourage you to make a donation or make a remix.  My favorite artist, Duncan Sheik, has made the best remix “Wake Up, I’m Going Back To Sleep Mix.”  Free is a good price; awareness and action is priceless.