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Zaràfa Sauvignon Blanc 2008

by Nannette Eaton on April 16, 2009

“People spend too much time tasting wine; not enough time drinking it.” — Andre Tchelistcheff

Zaràfa Sauvignon Blanc 2008

This is a terrific South African little wine.  Last year when California had its seven month summer, I went through cases of this wine.  It’s crisp, light and bright. High acid and citrus.  Because of its high acid level, Zaràfa’s perfect to pair with lipid-rich foods.  My favorite pairing is the pork pot stickers from Trader Joe’s.  It’s a perfect quick meal on a sticky-hot day.  Zaràfa’s great for the times when you don’t want to over-analyze your beverage, you just want to drink and unwind.

The wine is a pleasant little wine, but it’s no big deal.  The big deal is the price, Zaràfa is $4 USD in California, $5 most everywhere else at Trader Joe’s.  As a value play, this bad-boy is unrivaled.  Wine Harlots say stock up, because we are!

It has 13% alcohol content, has a synthetic cork.  It’s produced by Mountain River Wines and imported by MT Global.

The musical pairing is “Love is Just a Dream” by Juluka (Johnny Clegg) on the album Crocodile Love.