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Calina Reserva Merlot 2007

by Nannette Eaton on May 12, 2009

“If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am not drinking any fucking Merlot!”  —  Miles Raymond in Sideways

Wine Harlots are drinking merlot.  Lots of it.  And at this price, so should you.  If Miles goes home, it’s really for the best. He’s not very adept in social situations, and there will be more ‘effing merlot for the rest of us to enjoy.

And enjoy we will.  This is the delicious value play of the week.  The color is a glorious garnet.  Sweet bing cherries, blackberries and currents with a hint of toasty vanilla from the French oak.  Soft and supple, but this Chilean merlot is a bit zestier than a Washington or California version, but still retains the plushness you expect from a merlot.  The zestiness may be due to the terroir or the tiny smidgen of cabernet sauvignon used to give the wine a little backbone.  It’s a delicious quaff. For the food match, we suggest Rick Bakas’ Pork Tenderloin with Dried Cherry and Rosemary Sauce to complement this lush wine.

The Calina Reserva Merlot 2007 alcohol content is 13.5%.  The closure is a synthetic capsule.  The wine is a blend of 95% merlot and 5% cabernet sauvignon from the Valle del Maule in Chile.  The suggested retail on this is $10 USD, which is a good deal for this one, but I picked this up for an unbelievable $6 at the San Diego Wine Co.  Imported by Sovereign Wine Imports in Santa Rosa, California.

The musical pairing is “Black Mirror” by The Arcade Fire from the album Neon Bible.