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Four Cabernet Sauvignon

by Nannette Eaton on May 30, 2009

“I like to have a Martini,
Two at the very most,
Three I’m under the table,
Four I’m under my host!”
— Dorothy Parker


Four is like a party in a box.  No really, it’s wine in a box.  And this ain’t your daddy’s box ‘o wine. Well, not really a box, as the tagline is: “Don’t be a square. Think outside the box.”  Four is a three liters of wine (the equivalent of four standard size bottles, thus the moniker Four) packaged in a cardboard cylinder.

The packaging is very attractive, a dark red-sienna color with gold accents.  It looked nice sitting on the bar nestled with the other liquor bottles.  The container was easy to open and use.  I was able to pour from the spout with a single hand (not an easy feat with my questionable dexterity) and the spout was drip-less.  The favor was berries, black fruit, raisins and vanilla.  It took about three weeks to finish the box, and the flavor remained consistent throughout.  This a great option for folks who don’t finish a bottle in one sitting.

The alcohol content is 14.8%.  Four Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 lists the appellation as California with the wine being aged fourteen months on French and American oak.  The suggested retail is $39 USD, which is a good deal for three liters of wine of this quality.  The sales and marketing are being handled by Creative Wines International.  This was a sample provided by Creative Wines International.

On the eco-side, the packaging reduces the weight (vs. glass bottles) by almost half, a considerable savings in shipping costs.  The labels were created using wind powered energy.

The musical pairing is “One Two Three Four” by Feist from the album The Reminder.  I’m a big fan of Dorothy Parker, but I can’t guarantee that if you drink Four you’ll be under the host!