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Lange Twins Viognier 2008

by Nannette Eaton on June 24, 2009

“Good wine is a necessity of life for me.”  — Thomas Jefferson

Lange Twins Viognier 2008

We don’t know if you can have a crush on a winery, but Wine Harlots love the Lange Twins Family Winery and Vineyards. Not only do they produce delicious juice, but their business practices regarding sustainability are to be emulated.  As a bonus, they are genuinely nice people.  In this economic downturn, priorities have been reassessed, and monies have been reallocated.  Wine Harlots support farming in general, and grape growing in particular.  We say support the producers that encourage your values.

If you like white wines, but haven’t ventured further than chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, Wine Harlots urge you to try viognier, it’s a most intriguing and aromatic varietal, perfect for summer sipping.

The Generations Viognier 2008 is another pitch-perfect offering from the Lange Twins.  The color is straw and the viscosity provides beautiful tears in the glass.  It has a fantastic aroma of peaches, nectarines, apricots and honeysuckle.  The mid-palate mirrors the nose, with subtle flavors and suede finish.

The label on the bottle is beautiful, it’s an image of a barn owl in flight, as the Lange Twins viognier vineyard has nesting boxes for owls.  As we were sampling it at Wine Harlot Central our neighborhood owl began cooing, making it full-circle moment.

Alcohol comes in at 14.9%. Screw-cap. The grapes were sourced from Clarksburg, California (just south of Sacramento). For a wine of this quality the price on this is a steal at $16 USD (if you are a member of the Wine Club your price is just under $13).  This is available directly from the winery or from the Lange Twins website.  This was a sample kindly provided by the winery.

The food pairing is Duck a l’Orange.  It sounds fancy, but it’s deceptively simple to prepare, try it and fake-out your friends and family with your culinary acumen.

The music match is our favorite Chris Isaak song, “Talk to Me” from his first album Silvertone.  We were listening to his new album Mr. Lucky, when we were writing the column, and it sounds fantastic, slightly sleazy, but with an uber-cool heart-broken beach vibe.  Trust us on this; have the Wine Harlots ever done you wrong?