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September 2009

Dogfish Head Midas Touch

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.”  —  Frank Zappa “Wow, am I a total marketer’s dream? They name it ‘Midas Touch’ and all I taste […]

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Pumpkin Wine Bucket

photograph of a Halloween pumpkin carved into an ice bucket for chilling wine perfect craft project for Halloween parties and great for Thanksgiving dinner

Having a Martha-Stewart-Moment?  When you really want a Three-Martini-Playdate?  Here’s the craft project to soothe your Inner Wine Harlot.  Carve your own Pumpkin Ice Bucket.   We shamelessly co-opted this idea from the fine folks at Wegmans.  When you create your own boozy jack-o-lantern, send us pics!

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Big House

“I had nothing to escape from but privilege, but I claimed asylum anyway.” – Diablo Cody These wines are so much fun, it’s almost criminal.  The Big House Pink is my favorite of the trio.  It’s a gorgeous raspberry juice color with subtle strawberry flavors.  I’m enchanted with rosé, and this is a good example, […]

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