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G3 – Goose Ridge Vineyards

by Nannette Eaton on December 22, 2009

“What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander but is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck, the turkey or the guinea hen.” –
Alice B. Toklas

And what lovely sauce this is! The G3 from from Washington’s Goose Ridge Vineyards, is really good juice.  It has a blackberry, cherry, black current flavor with nuanced vanilla notes.   This was a delicious bottle that was quickly gobbled up, leaving us wanting more.   A perfect match for your Christmas Goose.

The details: 14.2% alcohol.  Cork closure.   The grapes are 48% syrah, 28% merlot, 22% cabernet sauvignon, 2% malbec sourced from the Columbia Valley.   The wine is available directly from the Goose Ridge Vineyards website and it retails for $18 USD.   This was a complementary media sample, kindly provided by the Barn Group.

The music match is “Free Bird” from Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s debut album (pronounced ‘lĕh-‘nérd ‘skin-‘nérd).   Corny, who us?   We like to think of it as thematic!   What’s good for the goose…