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Food Rules

by Nannette Eaton on January 23, 2010

“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”  —  Michael Pollan

Food Rules? Michael Pollan Rules! Wine Harlots are total fan girls of Michael Pollan.  His writing is beautiful, thoughtful and thought-provoking.

If you’re not much of a reader, Food Rules is your book.  If not, I suggest you start with the Ominovore’s Dilemna or In Defense of Food.  Food Rules is the CliffsNotes of the message, you get the endgame, the concepts, the rules, without the full story or the thought process behind it.  That said, Food Rules is a quick read with easy to remember catchy sound-bites.  Plus you get a few sly throw-away lines, “silence of the yams” was a favorite pun.

Wine Harlots completely endorse Rule 43, “Have a glass of wine at dinner.”  Which rules are you following?