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Biltmore Pas de Deux

by Nannette Eaton on February 11, 2010


“Life is uncertain.   Eat dessert first.”  —  Ernestine Ulmer

As tacky bottle labels go, this one is in a class by itself.  NieceyB exclaimed, “Oh dear!  Somebody was having a “Tiny Dancer” moment.  I’m not looking forward to this, let’s get it over with.”  Once it was poured, NieceyB states, “Coarse bubbles, that’s never a good sign.”  Not an auspicious beginning.  But thankfully the experience improved dramatically.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or in this case, don’t judge  juice by it’s label.)

Who says sparkling wines don’t have an aroma?  The nose on the Biltmore Pas de Deux was delicious; a tropical fruit delight.  The color is light gold.  On the palate it was a refeshingly sweet with notes of peaches and star fruit.  It’s a sweet wine, but not cloying.  The perfect match for this is cupcakes.  Cupcakes!

The details: 13.6% alcohol.  The grapes are 100% muscat canelli from California.  The residual sugar is 2.5%.  The suggested retail is $19 USD, available at select retailers, at the winery, or through the Biltmore website.  The was a media sample generously provided by Folsom & Associates.

The music match is “Lips Like Sugar” from Echo & the Bunnymen from their self-titled album.  Life is uncertain, Wine Harlots say drink the good stuff first!