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Hey! That’s My Wine!

by Nannette Eaton on March 28, 2010

When you entertain do you have a problem with guests inadvertently swiping other guests wine glasses?  (“Excuse me!  That’s my champagne!”)  To avoid a wine altercation at your next gathering, the savvy hostess uses wine charms to differentiate the glasses.  Which at Wine Harlot World Headquarters leads to the confusion of “I am I the pink flamingo or the Scottie dog?”  After a few glasses, no one remembers.  The Wine Harlots solution is to custom make wine charms with your guests names — ‘cause if you can’t remember your own name, clearly you’ve had enough vino.

The wine charms are super-simple to make and are terrific hostess gifts.  You’ll need needle-nose pliers, alphabet beads and earring hoops.  We use 1.25” hoops, which allow for longer names, but 1” hoops sit better on the stem.  After you place the beads on the wire, give it a twist with the pliers to fit into the hoop closure.  Viola!  Another Bacchus Debacle averted by a clever, quick-thinking Wine Harlot.