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Vienna Teng

by Nannette Eaton on May 21, 2010

Wine Harlots are tremendous fangirls of Vienna Teng.  We first encountered her several years ago when she was opening for Duncan Sheik.  It was as sweltering humid San Diego summer evening; the temperature in the venue was hotter indoors than outside.  Everyone was miserable in the heat, and looked worse for wear.  Not Vienna.  When everyone else was flushed and florid, Vienna was calm, cool, collected (plus being crazy-talented.)  Which normally would inspire envy and intense dislike.  Not this time.  Vienna Teng is gracious, charming and disarming.  If you can’t have her talent, you can at least enjoy her music.

Musically, Vienna has a crystal clear voice, and mad piano skills.  But her true strength lies in song writing.  Lyrically, she’s whip-smart, funny, brilliant with the wordplay and imagery.  The Wine Harlot put-upon catch-phrase “Whatever You Want” comes from her devastating edgy song of the same name.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Vienna Teng will be playing with Alex Wong at Anthology in San Diego on Saturday, May 22nd.  This will be one of the last opportunities to see Vienna live for a while, as she has been accepted to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan where she’ll be studying sustainable enterprise.  And no worries.  Anthology is air-conditioned.