Wine Harlots Got Flashed By Vienna Teng

by Nannette Eaton on May 23, 2010


Ok.  So the headline was a total tease.  (Kinda like the Wine Harlots).  And completely sophomoric.  (Exactly like the Wine Harlots).  But in our defense, you know us, you love us, and you really don’t expect much more than this from us, do you?

Last night I was at the Vienna Teng & Alex Wong show at Anthology in San Diego.  I picked up their live album, but instead of the traditional compact disc, I got flashed instead.  I’m a huge fan of USB Press Kits, and having the album (along with bonus songs, video, and other goodies) on a USB drive, made it quicker to upload to my digital media.  And the USB drive’s capacity is a respectable 2 GB, now I’ll be re-purposing it for all the Wine Harlots media hi-jinks, each time I use it, I’ll recollect happy memories.  When I give it to someone else to download files and they aren’t familiar with Vienna, it will be an opportunity to educate and expand the fan base.  Win.  Win.  Wine Harlots say get flashed.

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