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Put a Cork in It! – Part Two: Get Framed

by Nannette Eaton on July 13, 2010

Wine Harlots drink a lot of wine, and have a dilemma.  Not about the wine consumption, but what to do with all the cork closures.  Join us while we find uses for the leftover corks.

Making a photo-frame with your used corks fulfills two issues.  It uses up all those special wine corks you’ve been saving since your wedding, honeymoon, Australian adventure or French sojourn and allows to you to frame your special memories with wine memories.

This is a great gift for your favorite oenophile.  After a wine event, collect the used corks and have a custom frame made for your host.  Add a photo from the occasion, and you’ll have created a thoughtful keepsake any wino will cherish.

The frame featured is from M. Scott Gardner from The Second Artist.  This is a beautifully-crafted frame from a master framer.  The matte is edged with cork, as are the sides of the frame, really elegant workmanship.  Wine Harlots are a little obsessed with our frame, it’s been making appearances in our posts – kind of like “Where’s Waldo?” but instead it’s more “Where’s Wino?”

Here’s the 411 on how to get your own frame: Send 20-22 of your favorite corks to The Second Artist and within two weeks you’ll be sent a custom frame with UV filter glass.  The 8”x10” frame with a 4”x6” matte is $50.00. The 5”x7” frame is $25.00.  Shipping is $11.50 per frame for shipping within the USA.  Who says being framed is a bad thing?  Wine Harlots got framed and love it!

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photo credit: EatonAlive