Wine Harlots are Amused

by Nannette Eaton on September 15, 2010


Wine Harlots are unrepentant whores for promotional items.  We love, love, love them.  (Which makes it even more annoying the lack of swag flowing the Wine Harlots way.  Seriously.  Infuriating.)  But enough lamenting our lack of tribute, let’s talk about the cool promotional item of the week.  We picked these up from an event at the Hard Rock; the Dirty Blonde Champagne Cocktail folks were liberally sampling their product, offering the mints as a chaser.  Mints shaped like wine bottles.  How can we not be amused?  You can score your own from AmuseMints; we’re scheming to get our own custom Liberty is a Wine Harlot tin.  Hey!  It could happen!

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Mark Callahan August 22, 2012 at 6:43 am


One of your customers just orders custom mints for a wedding and they got the idea from your website so I checked it out. I agree…you should order a custom Liberty Is A Wine Harlot mint tins filled with wine bottle shaped mints as a promotional item.

If there is an interest contact me at 303.292.664 x 106 for pricing.

Great website!

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