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Iron Fist’s Velvet Glove

by Nannette Eaton on December 24, 2010

“Beware the iron hand in a velvet glove.”  —  Charles V

If you live in San Diego, you know you’re in craft beer heaven.  (If you don’t reside here, it’s another thing you can resent Southern California for.  Go ahead, we can weather your derision.)  The newest entry in the micro-brew marketplace is Iron Fist Brewing Company, they might be fomenting revolution, but they are no pretenders to the throne.  Iron Fist is the real deal, an authentic craft brewery, worthy of your allegiance.

Iron Fist is a family run businesses with three generations working at the facility, including the brewmaster, Brandon Sieminski.  All of the ales are awesome, my favorites change each visit.  The first time I tasted, I was grooving on Renegade Blonde and Spice of Life.  The second time, it was all about the Golden Age.  The last visit I was doting on the Dubbel Fisted and then got an advance sample taste of the Velvet Glove (and I am in love.)

I’ve known the matricarch of Iron Fist (aka Renegade Blonde) for several years.  When she announced the family was in the beinging stages of building the brewery and revealed Iron Fist would be the brand name, I quickly insisted one of the brews would have to be named Velvet Glove.  Whether Iron Fist already had thought up the name (or would have) I persist to insist that I named it, and Iron Fist graciously allows the Wine Harlots delusion to endure.

If you like Guinness, you’ll lose your mind upon the first taste of Velvet Glove.  It’s dark, silky and creamy with chocolate and coffee notes with a slightly nutty, warm earthy tone.  It’s a luscious quaff, but don’t be deceived by velvety smoothness of the stout, the potency of the liquid will rule like an iron fist and quash any thoughts of rebellion if you’re not careful.

The details: 9.0% alcohol.  Type: Stout.  Available exclusively at Iron Fist on tap and in 750 ml bottles for $10 USD.  (At this time, due to the limited nature of Velvet Glove, only bottles are available – no growler fills on this exclusive offering.)  Brewed in Vista, California.  Media samples were generously provided by the brewery.

Of course the perfect music match is “This Velvet Glove” from the Red Hot Chili Peppers seminal album Californication.  If you rule with an iron fist, make sure you have a velvet glove.

Iron Fist Brewery will be open regular hours on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Bring your relatives over to meet the Iron Fist Family, or if your relations are driving you nuts, sneak over for a pint solo. (Iron Fist won’t tell!)