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Flying Dog Raging Bitch

by Nannette Eaton on January 7, 2011

“Good people drink good beer.”  —  Hunter S. Thompson

People say all time the Wine Harlot is a Raging Bitch.  And it’s true.  But in my defense, if you’d stop begin such a prick, I wouldn’t have to be such a raging bitch.  Cause and effect, my friend.

If you don’t know about Flying Dog, listen up.  It’s a terrific craft brewery in Frederick, Maryland (originally located in Aspen, Colorado).  With Flying Dog friends like Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Stedman you know you’re not going to be drinking any run-of-the-mill beer, it’s totally GONZO! all the way.  (If you don’t know who Ralph Stedman is, you must check out the books Grapes of Ralph and Untrodden Grapes.  If you don’t know who Hunter S. Thompson is, what planet are you living on?  Seriously.)

Raging Bitch is intense.  As bitter as a woman scorned.  Hopped to high heaven.  It’s Flying Dog’s 20th Anniversary ale, and there is nothing to bitch about here.  The beer is awesome, the name is compelling and if that’s not enough to sell you, the label art by Ralph Stedman will.

The details: Alcohol: 8.3%.  Belgian-style India Pale Ale.  Available everywhere your amazing gonzo adventures take you.  The actual retail is about $10 USD for a six-pack, depending on where you live and how much the taxman needs love.

The music match is “Rich Bitch” by The Stooges from the album Metallic 2X K.O.  Raging Bitch.  Rich Bitch.  And they say that like it’s a bad thing.  Wine Harlots say fuck ‘em.