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Westwood Pinot Noir Sonoma Valley 2005

by Nannette Eaton on January 14, 2011

“Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.”  —  Merry Browne

Before we started writing about wine, we weren’t the biggest fan of pinot.  Didn’t hate it, were just indifferent to it.  When people were waxing rapturous about pinot, we simply didn’t get it.  Then Wine Harlots started getting wine samples of the good stuff.  And we got it.  We got it bad.  Hello pinot!  Come to mommy!  Westwood pinot noir’s are the good stuff.  The Westwood Pinot Noir Sonoma Valley 2005 is clear ruby, with notes of cherry, cranberries with a lingering earthy finish.

The perfect pairing for pinot noir is beef jerky.  Seriously.  Don’t mock it, ‘till you’ve tried it.  Wine Harlots were introduced to this pairing by our friend Beau Carufel from Beau’s Barrel Room.  (And we mocked it.  Mercilessly.  Then we tried it.  And were humbled.  An odd pairing, for sure.  But amazingly awesome.  Don’t let your preconceived notions create jackass moments.  Let the Wine Harlots take a bullet for you.  It’s what we do.)

The details:  13.5% alcohol.  Cork closure.  Varietal: pinot noir.  Appellation: Sonoma Valley.  Retail price is $45 USD.  Available directly through Westwood.  This was a media sample kindly provided by the winery.

The music match is “Everybody Got Their Something” by the fabulous Nikka Costa from the album Everybody Got Their Something. Drop your preconceived notions and get wise.  Everybody got their something.  The Wine Harlots something is pinot noir.  What’s yours?

photo credit: Donna Turner Ruhlman ©2011