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Kanbara Bride of the Fox

by Nannette Eaton on March 26, 2011

No blossoms and no moon,
and he is drinking sake
all alone!
Matsuo Basho

No need to drink alone.  Open a bottle of Kanbara Bride of the Fox and you’ll always have a cunning newlywed as a drinking companion.  The color is a clear pale straw. The nose has pronounced high alcohol with biscuit overtones. The palate has subdued melon notes with a finish of nuts and dust.  The perfect pairing of food with sake is Gyoza. The music match is “Big in Japan” from Alphaville from the album Forever Young.

The details: 16.5% alcohol. Screw-cap closure. Grade: Junmai Ginjo. Prefecture: Niigata. Rice: Gohyakumangoku. The sake was purchased at Cardiff Seaside Market for $30 USD as part of Drink Sake Tonight.  The actual retail varies from $13-20 for the 300 ml bottle and $27-40 for the 720 ml bottle.  The sake is imported to the USA by Vine Connections.