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Worldwide Wine Tasting

by Nannette Eaton on April 3, 2011

Join us today for a world-wide wine tasting of Australian Barossa Valley wines. Get social without even leaving the house! If you have a Twitter account, you can join in the festivities no matter where you are in the world. All you need to do is procure a bottle (or two or three!) of Barossa Valley wine, and at the appointed time share your impressions, tasting notes, photos, videos or other experiences on Twitter using the #BarossaWine hashtag. To see what other participants are saying about #BarossaWine, open a new tab in your browser and use Hashtags or Kurrently to keep up on the action.  If you want to invite some friends over to taste Barossa, all the better.  If you’re planning on participating while you’re in your jammies, the Wine Harlots will never tell!

The event runs from 5pm – 8pm on the West Coast of the United States, 8pm – 11pm on the East Coast of the United States, an alarming night-owl alert of 2am – 5am for most of Europe and 10am – 1pm for the East Coast of Australia.  The event is coordinated by Bakas Media, Mastermind Consulting and Wine Communicators of Australia.