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Layer Cake Primitivo 2008

by Nannette Eaton on May 27, 2011

“I am putting real plums into an imaginary cake.” — Mary McCarthy

Label of Jayson Woodbridge's Layer Cake Primitivo

Who doesn’t love cake? And Layer Cake Primitivo 2008 is no exception. Give this an hour or two open up and it will pair perfectly with red meat on a backyard barbeque. The color is dense purple, with plummy, jammy flavors of black stone fruit and berries. There are spicy notes and an earthy chocolate quality to the primitivo. If you’re not familiar with primitivo, it’s the Italian word for zinfandel.

The details: 13.5% alcohol. Screw-cap. Appellation: Puglia. Varietal: primitivo. The actual retail for Layer Cake is under $15 USD. This bottle was purchased at BevMo! in Solana Beach, California for $13 USD. Imported by Vintage Point.

Normally, there is a music match for each wine. Today, we go off-book and pair Layer Cake with Layer Cake, the movie. If you haven’t viewed Layer Cake, you must. Not just for hunky Daniel Craig, but because it’s a great little crime caper movie that again proves crime doesn’t pay (or doesn’t pay well). Guess it’s a good thing that the Layer Cake wines are so affordable.