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Discover the Land of Don Quixote – D.O. La Mancha

by Nannette Eaton on June 29, 2011

“Thou hast seen nothing yet.”  —  Miguel de Cervantes

Image of windmills on a hill, beckoning the world to come to D.O. La Mancha to discover the land of Quixote

Wine Harlots are part of the La Mancha Project. We’ll be writing about our experiences in Spain, and the wines of D.O. La Mancha, the biggest wine producing region in the world. The articles will be inter-mixed on the La Mancha website, Quixote Wine and on your favorite place for sassy wine happenings, Wine Harlots.

The first piece we wrote for the project is D.O. La Mancha: More Than Just Bulk Wine Billy, and is located on the Quixote Wines site. While you’re there, check out Fred Minnick’s work D.O. La Mancha’s Native Grapes Native New Tastes.  Join our journey to discover La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote. You ain’t seen nothing yet.