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Wine Bloggers Conference 2011

by Nannette Eaton on July 18, 2011

image of the wine bloggers conference a silhouette of a man standing on a wine barrel, head tipped back and with a red megaphone to his lips shouting out the wine news to the world

Things might be a bit quiet on the wine internets this week, as a couple hundred new media wine writers descend on Charlottesville, Virginia for the Wine Bloggers Conference North America (or as the elder statesman of American wine criticism Robert Parker fondly refers to us as blobbers). The highlights of the event will include a tour of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, and keynote speeches by renowned wine writers Jancis Robinson and Eric Asimov.

The Wine Harlot is able to attend the conference in these tough economic times due to the generous scholarship award from the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship. A giant thank you goes out to everyone who made this possible. (Yeah, it’s starting to sound like to sound like an Oscar® acceptance speech, but how often do I subject you, dear reader, to wine inside baseball? Not often. So suck it up and read.)

The corporate donors to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship are: Vin65, Cornerstone Napa, Melissa Dobson PR & Marketing, Cartograph Wines, Hahn Wines, Vintank, Wine Soiree and Layer Cake. As a consumer, please support these businesses by drinking their wines, purchasing their products and using their services.

In addition, there are individual donors that have contributed to the scholarship fund. All of them have wine blogs and I encourage you to check them out and put them in your feed reader. (Nothing says “love” to a blogger than page views. Well, maybe link-love, but page views is right up there.) The awesome philanthropic individuals are: Amy Corron Power of Another Wine Blog; Melanie Ofenrich, the Dallas Wine Chick; Joe Herrig, the Suburban Wino; Liza Swift, one of the Brix Chicks; Amanda Maynard, the Wineing Woman; Megan Kenney, who was a Wannabe Wino but now she’s a full-on hardcore oenophile; Scott Wadlow of the The Vino File; Doug Levy, of A Marin Foodie’s Diary; and Debbie Gioquindo, the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess.

A giant shout-out and thank you goes to the Scholarship Committee, who volunteered their time to make the difficult decisions of who the recipients would be. The Wine Bloggers Scholarship Committee Members are: Thea Dwelle of the Luscious Lushes, Joe Power of Another Wine Blog, Amy Corron Power of Another Wine Blog, Jason Mancebo of the $20 Wine Blog, Beau Carufel of Beau’s Barrel Room and Grace Hoffman of the Cellarmistress’ Cellar Talk.

Are you wondering who, besides The Wine Harlot, was awarded a scholarship? Here are the lucky chosen few (kinda like the Marines, but with wine instead of weapons. New Wine Harlots slogan? Make wine, not war. But I digress.) The scholarship beneficiaries are: Denise Medrano, The Wine Sleuth; Jason Phelps of Ancient Fire Wine; Steve McIntosh for Winethropology; Chandra Savage of Mo Wine; Lorie Perrone of Wining Ways; Kris Chislett of Blog Your Wine; Douglass Trapasso of Chicago Pinot; Raelinn Doty aka Wine Ophelia; Bridget Cheslock, the Glamourous Gourmet Girl; Charlotte Chipperfield of The Wine Key; Kathleen Rake from Between the Vines; Jon Thorsen the Reverse Wine Snob and Kay Zink from A to Zinfandel.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who contributed to Wine Bloggers Scholarship. Words cannot fully express the gratitude the Wine Harlots have for being provided this opportunity. If you are so inclined, the Wine Bloggers Scholarship is always grateful for any donations – large or small.

Watch out, Virginia! Here come the Wine Harlots!