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Horton Vineyard Sparkling Viognier NV

by Nannette Eaton on August 11, 2011

“Doing well is the result of doing good. That’s what capitalism is all about.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I received a sample of the Horton Vineyard Sparkling Viognier NV, I was a bit off-put. On the shiny black and gold label there was an amber-eyed black cat. I like pets and everything, but critters on wine labels give me pause. Although I was bemused by the label, upon tasting Horton Vineyard Sparkling Viognier, all my doubts were chased away.

bottle shot Horton Vineyards Sparkling Viognier in gravel - copyright EatonAlive

Dennis Horton is an innovator, an experimenter, a maverick in the best possible sense. I had the opportunity to meet and tour Horton Vineyards and I asked Dennis what his cat’s name was. His eyes sparkled as replied, “I’m a capitalist. And people like cats. So I put a cat on the label.” So the vineyard doesn’t have a cat? “Nope! I’m a dog person.” Wine Harlots raise a glass to capitalism (and fictitious black cats!)

If you haven’t tasted viognier, you’re well behind the curve. But if you start quaffingHorton Vineyard Sparkling Viognier NV, you’ll be on the leading edge of deliciousness.

The wine is pale yellow with pin-point bubbles and a cordon of mousse; with flavors of biscuit, peaches, apples. Lovely. A really impressive sparkling wine. The perfect pairing is Prawn & Asparagus Salad with Caper Dressing. The music match is “Capitalism Stole My Virginity” from The (International) Noise Conspiracy from the album A New Morning, Changing Weather.

The details: 12% alcohol. Appellation: Virginia. Varietal: viognier. Suggested retail: $25 USD. Available directly from Horton Vineyards and select retailers such at Total Wine. This was a media sample generously provided by the winery for the Virginia Viognier Virtual Tasting.