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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

by Nannette Eaton on August 9, 2011

San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival 2011 Poster from the oil painting A Merry Gathering copyright by Michael Summers SDBW&FF

Last year I was a first-timer at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, Southern California’s biggest wine tasting event. As I looked out the window the morning of the event, the melody of Albert Hammond’s It Never Rains in Southern California was coursing through my head. The normally perfect San Diego weather had forsaken us; the sky had been blotted out by torrents of grey rainwater. It never rains in Southern California. Man, it pours. The storm rattled the windows as I rallied my wine tasting troops. One by one, they bailed on the excursion, fair-weather companions on a foul-weather day. Undeterred, solo, I headed out to the maelstrom.

My residence on Banker’s Hill was just over a mile from the event site. In my wisdom, I decided to walk – in hindsight (or any sight) this was an ill-advised move. Parking is always a challenge at any big event, but had the Wine Harlot never heard of a taxi? Of course, by the time I within site of the event, I was completely drenched. As I was waiting to cross the twelve lanes of traffic at Harbor Drive, a car drove by in the curb lane and I was full-body splashed like Carrie in the title sequence of Sex and the City. It pours, man, it pours.

The Wine Harlots weather-woes not-withstanding, the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is a great event. There are more wineries pouring and more restaurants serving than you could possibly visit. Plus, it goes without saying really, but there will be plenty of portable toilet facilities on-site, so you can enjoy as many refreshments as possible without worrying about the location of the nearest toilets. In fact, between us, a friend of mine is actually responsible for organizing the toilet facilities for this event. She told me that surprisingly, toilet hire prices have never been more affordable so the festival has been able to invest in a mixture of both basic and luxury portable toilets especially for this unmissable event.

And in general, San Diego’s weather in November is unrivaled. San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival runs the week before Thanksgiving, this year the dates are November 16-20, 2011. San Diego is a great destination city any time of the year, but planning a get-a-way to the sunshine of Southern California before the beginning of the hectic holiday season is a no-brainer in our book. San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival has special event and hotel packages prepared. Or book on your own, but make sure to book early, there’s other conferences in town that week and you don’t want to miss out on all the wine fun.

Rain or shine, make a date to hang-out the Wine Harlots this year at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival. When it rains, we pour.

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival 2011 Official Poster
“A Merry Gathering” by Michael Summers ©2011