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by Nannette Eaton on August 7, 2011

When wine aerators became all the rage five or six years ago, an edict went out at Wine Harlots World Headquarters, “If any of you nut-jobs spend $40 on a Vinturi for me for Christmas, it’ll have to be surgically removed from your backside! Forty-bucks on a stupid gadget, no f#cking way. Forty dollars on a bottle of wine, maybe, but not on some gimmick!” Thankfully, the rest of the harlots listened, and no medical intervention was needed that holiday season. (Detox, yes. But that story is for another time.)

Soirée wine decanter and aerator - photo credit copyright EatonAlive - photo of the Soiree L/S Luxury Sport dangling from a wine bottle blank

Fast-forward to last years rain-drenched San Diego Wine & Food Festival. After several hours of slogging through the event, I met Andrew Lazorchak, creator and owner of Soirée, the wine aerator. As he patiently listened to all the reasons I thought the notion of another wine gadget was silly, a male oenophile in his mid-twenties earnestly interrupted and said, “I want to drink my wines now! I don’t want to have to wait an hour or two to drink them. I want to drink them now!” Touché! Game over. I want to drink my wines now. Can’t really argue with that logic.

As a wine writer, I rarely aerate or decant, as I feel it’s my responsibility to see how the wine develops over-time so I can fully report my findings. But you, dear reader, should feel no such compunction. Use Soirée. Drink your wine now.

The Soirée is a bulb of hand-blown glass. The device is simple to use, you easily attach the Soirée to the wine bottle, and pour at a 90° to a 180° angle into your wine glass. Voilà! Just that simple. Clean-up is as simple as rinsing the Soirée and letting it air-dry. And the Soirée is surprisingly durable even though it looks very fragile. I’m a total klutz and a complete butterfingers and I haven’t broken mine yet.Soiree Wne Decanter and Aerator drink your wine right now - photo of the hand-blown glass bulb of the soiree wine aerator

The price for the Soirée is $25 USD, which is a tad more palatable than the competitor’s price (and now Vinturi says you need two of their aerators – one for reds and one for white wine – welcome to wine gadget overload and the kitchen drawer of wine-gadgets-that-time-forgot). The Soirée I was given as a sample is the Soirée L/S (Luxury Sport) model that retails for $50. (pictured above). It’s the Soirée in a protective neoprene case with a magnetic zipper closure and chain loop to hang off a wine bottle. Although I openly mock the Soirée L/S for its flashiness, I secretly adore it, and when I bring it to wine tastings, it gets envious glances from my compatriots who only have the base model. You might as well spring tor the Soirée L/S. Wine envy is sooo unattractive.