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by Nannette Eaton on September 9, 2011

“i am with the roots
of flowers
entwined, entombed
sending up my passionate blossoms
as a flight of rockets
and argument;
wine churls my throat,
above me
feet walk upon my brain, monkies fall from the sky
clutching photographs
of the planets,
but i seek only music
and the leisure
of my pain”

Charles Bukowski

This wine doesn’t suck. It’s not a collection of wines you’re going to wax rapturous about, but these are sturdy dependable mass-market wines. I can guarantee the wine isn’t churlish. The Entwine wine collection is collaboration between the Food Network and Wente Vineyards. There was no small amount trepidation about the wines, as I have similar views about the Food Network as Anthony Bourdain, last week I watched three episodes back-to-back of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and I could feel my arteries closing as I viewed the program. Wente Vineyards, on the other hand, is one of the oldest wineries in America. If the Food Network can encourge people to drink more wine, the Wine Harlots are all for it.

The quartet of Entwine were tasted at the North American Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville,Virginia. The initial offerings are pretty standard varietals, pinot grigio, chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. The winner for me was the chardonnay, which was a bit of a shock, as I can be a right bitch about inexpensive chardonnays. The Wente Chardonnay is well crafted, with a judicious use of oak – not one of those over-oaked monstrosities you often encounter at this price point. The Entwine tasting note describes the chardonnay as “toast spread with homemade apple butter” which is apt. Wine Harlots love pairing wine with potato chips, and the Food Networks suggest pairing the Trio of Seasoned Potato Chips with the chardonnay.

All four of the wines are under 14% alcohol, have cork closures and have a suggested retail price of $13 USD and can be ordered directly from the Entwine. Retail locations are forthcoming.