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8 Holidays Sparkling Wines

by Nannette Eaton on November 4, 2011

Now that we’re firmly in the embrace of autumn and winter is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Nothing says celebration to the Wine Harlots like sparkling wine. There are lots of delicious imported bubbles, but for our purposes, we’re drinking local this time out.  Here’s eight brands that have been road tested by the Wine Harlots and have our seal of approval (kind of like the Good Houskeeping seal approval, but less wholesome and a whole lot more fun.)

The prices listed are suggested retail prices (SRP) and will vary depending on market-forces and how much the tax-man needs love in your jurisdiction.

  • Schramsberg is the first family of American sparkling wines. In 1972 during his historic visit to China, President Nixon brought the Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs. The SRP ranges from $36-100 USD depending on the bottle. Drink Schramsberg. You might just make history yourself.
  •  Iron Horse has been served at the White House for five consecutive administrations, staring with the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit meetings that led to the end of the Cold War, to the current Obama presidency where Iron Horse is a favorite. The SRP ranges from $30-85 USD.
  •  Domaine Chandon was founded in the 1970’s by Moët-Hennessy, owners of the French Champagne house Moët-Chandon. Quaff some Domaine Chandon and experience where French savoir faire meets American exuberance. The SRP ranges from $30-45 USD.
  •  Domaine Ste Michelle is a consistent crowd-pleaser with their delicious, wallet-friendly wines. Perfect for large gatherings or babes on a budget. The SRP ranges from $11-23 USD, with smart shoppers in California usually able to pick it up for around $8.
  •  Argyle is based in Oregon and makes delicious sparklers in a sustainable manner being LIVE and Salmon Safe certified. The SRP ranges from $27-50 USD.
  •  Gruet was founded in New Mexico in the 1980’s by French winemakers embarking on an American adventure. Quaff a few glasses, and you’ll be set for your own adventures. The SRP ranges from $14-42 USD.
  •  Thornton is located in the Temecula valley in Southern California. The Wine Harlots personal favorite is the Blanc de Noirs, a lovely blush wine. The SRP ranges from $24-38 USD.
  •  Biltmore is located in Asheville, North Carolina on the former estate of George Vanderbilt. The SRP ranges from $15-25 USD. You might not be an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune, but drinking Biltmore is an affordable luxury.

Now that you have your shopping list, go out and shine. Have a fantastic and fabulous holiday season. Cheers!