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January 2012

Mascarets et la Levrette in Bordeaux (Tidal Bores & Doggy-Style)

photograph of a sunset on the Garonne river in from of Chateua Sainte Barbe during the Mascaret September 2011. photo credit EatonAlive copyright 2011

“In true education, anything that comes to our hand is as good as a book: the prank of a pageboy, the blunder of a servant, a bit of table talk – they are all part of the curriculum.” — Michel de Montaigne Travel itself is education. Venturing forth from the tried and true, the staid […]

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The Red Thread (Fil Rouge)

poster for the film Fil Rouge (The Red Thread) a short film about the end of life of an old Bordeaux winemaker and the red thread of wine that runs through his mind while drinking different vintages. The label shou;d a red angel flying over a vineyard with an overturned red wine glass spilled on the ground earth

 “Our failings sometimes bind us to one another as closely as could virtue itself.”  —  Luc de Clapiers The Red Sting of Destiny is an Asian construct of how fate will bind those who are destined to be together. In Fil Rouge (The Red Thread) Filmmaker Luc Plissonneau plays with this concept in the milieu of […]

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Where in the World are the Wine Harlots?

sepia photograph of the Effiel Tower, Paris France. Full shot of the tower with trees to the left of the shot.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” –- Robert Louis Stevenson Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Wine Harlots are “here, there and everywhere” and will be sharing some of our adventures. Over the next ten days I’ll be fondly recalling […]

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Lavacourt :: Sunshine and Snow :: Claude Monet

oil painting by french impressionist painter claude monet of lavacourt sunshine and snow a pictorial of a town in winter covered in snow

Lavacourt: Sunshine and Snow by Claude Monet (1879-1880) oil on canvas. in the permanent collection at the National Gallery in London, England.

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Super Bowl Sunday Wine Pairing

photograph of a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries designed to look like footballs. Perfect for Superbowl Sunday.

Gearing up for the big matchup on Sunday, you might be thinking “beer.” But Wine Harlots are thinking sparkling. Champagne is an elegant quaff, a smooth counterpoint all the gridiron roughness. Which Champagne to drink? Here’s a few that have curried favor with the Wine Harlots. After all, Napoleon Bonaparte said of Champagne, “In victory […]

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Plungerhead Lodi Zinfandel 2009

photograph of Don Sebastini and Sons The Other Guys Plungerhead Zinfandel Lodi. The shot has the bottle with the label of a male with a red bathroom plunger on his head and wine casks for legs. The bottle is placed next to a balloon wine glass filled with red zinfandel wine

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” — Alan Watts Who you calling Plungerhead? You can call us that any day of the week, if you also pour Plungerhead Lodi Zinfandel while you’re mocking us. Want a wine that is fun […]

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Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay 2009

bottle shot of Wagner Family of WInes Mer Soeil Silver Chardonnay packed in a grey ceramic bottle with a backdrop of a stone wall

“Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.” — John Updike “Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stand forth in naked and simple beauty.” — Galileo Galilei   Naked? On the rocks? If that’s how you like it, Mer Soleil […]

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Parducci True Grit Petite Sirah 2008

bottle shot of Parducci True Grit Petite Sirah a bold red wine. The label is parchment gold with a pair of cowboy boots on the label.

“It takes a little courage, and a little self-control. And some grim determination, If you want to reach the goal. It takes a great deal of striving, and a firm and stern-set chin. No matter what the battle, if you really want to win, there’s no easy path to glory. There is no road to […]

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Iron Horse Chinese Cuvée 2007

bottle shot of Iron Horse Vineyard initial release of Chinese Cuvee a sparkling wine designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year -- Year of the Dragon. The bottle is emerald green with a gold label and red capsule of the Chinese flag with a lucky fan with the chinese kanji for dragon

“The dragons begin to speak. Ying and Yang are commingled.” The Yuan Kien Lei Han Welcome the Dragon! Today is the first day of Year of the Dragon, which is considered the luckiest year in the Chinese zodiac. Wine Harlots were born in the year of the Dragon, so this year portends to be an […]

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Red Wine May Reduce Women’s Breast Cancer Risk

logo for the Los Angeles Hospital Cedars Sinai Medical Center. logo is the name of the hospital in red ruby block letters on a white background

A nice red might be what the doctor ordered. It is generally accepted that alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer in women. But a Cedars Sinai study suggests that moderate red wine drinking may aid in reducing women’s breast cancer risk. The study will be published in the April 2012 edition of the Journal […]

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