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The Red Thread (Fil Rouge)

by Nannette Eaton on January 30, 2012

 “Our failings sometimes bind us to one another as closely as could virtue itself.”  —  Luc de Clapiers

The Red Sting of Destiny is an Asian construct of how fate will bind those who are destined to be together. In Fil Rouge (The Red Thread) Filmmaker Luc Plissonneau plays with this concept in the milieu of the Bordeaux wine making world. This short film evokes how the Wine Harlots feel about wine. Wine brings people together, and the sense-memory of drinking a wine years earlier can be recalled by opening a bottle. And so it is in The Red Thread. Aged Bordeaux winemaker Achille Lambert is having a blind tasting organized by his only daughter Roxane. As the bottles are opened the aromas and flavors transport him back in time with the memories of his life swirling around him like wine.

This is a beautiful piece of cinema, irregardless. If you’re a wine lover, it’s a must-see movie. For me, it’s one of those great travel memories. Our group of journalists were having an intimate dinner at Château Féret-Lambert with the proprietors, Valérie & Henri Féret and the owners of Château de Bel, Olivier & Anne Cazenave, a well as the filmmaker Luc Plissonneau & his wife Jana Kravitz Plissonneau. As the evening progressed, it unfolded that all of people present were actors in the film, and the house and the vineyards were the setting for the movie. After dinner we settled in with 40 year-old Armagnac and a screening of the film. How much more VIP can you get? My sense-memory will always be entwined with the transcendent wine, the sublime meal, the quality company and conversation; every time I see the film or drink the wine, I will always be transported back to that magical evening.


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The Wine Harlots magical evening was part of a journalistic press junket sponsored by Planet Bordeaux.