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French Cooking Class at Château Féret-Lambert in Pictures

by Nannette Eaton on February 1, 2012

“I’d love to learn to cook. I think the ladies like a guy who can cook. Also, there are lots of available ladies at cooking classes. Can you tell I’m single?” — Will Estes

"Hey! Put down the wine glass Harlot. Work first, then wine."

"See? Like this. Now you try. It might be easier if you put down the wine."

"Ratatouille? Secretly, I'm afraid of vegetables."

"Seriously? You're still drinking? Then you'll need to share with us."

"Now this is how you peel a pear! Hmm? Oh no, sweetie, I'm good with the wine."

"No!! We will not pass you the wine."

"There's nothing sexier than a poached pear with a perfect sorbet." -- Lisa Hershey

"Our next trip? Wine Harlot, sweetie, the next trip you're having is to detox."

Next up: Tomorrow dinner at Château Féret-Lambert. In words. I think the world has seen enough of my photojournalism and weird sense of humor.

The featured players in this Wine Harlots Comedy of Errors are: Valérie Féret of Château Féret-Lambert, Michael Wangbickler of Balzac Communications and Caveman Wines, Corie Brown of Zester Daily, Fredric Koeppel of Bigger Than Your Head, Richard Auffrey of Passionate Foodie and writer extraordinaire and camera boy, Fred Minnick.

The Wine Harlots interlude of debauchery was part of a press tour sponsored by Planet Bordeaux.
out of focus photo credit: EatonAlive ©2011