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Crop Organic Tomato Vodka

by Nannette Eaton on June 22, 2012

Give a lift to a tomato, you expect her to be nice, don’t ya? After all, what kind of dames thumb rides, Sunday school teachers?” — Martin Goldsmith

Who you calling a tomato? Broad, dame, skirt, tomato, Sunday school teacher, you can call me whatever you’d like if you are pouring the Crop Organic Tomato Vodka. The tomato flavor is intriguing. It’s not a straight tomato juice flavor, it’s almost like you are in the garden on hot summer evening in July with the red ripeness of the fruit beckoning, and the belladonna from the velvety green leaves enveloping your senses in the most intoxicating manner. So it is with Crop Organic Tomato Vodka. It’s a sophisticated spirit that really only needs to be shaken with ice and served straight up in a cocktail glass. Buy a bottle, you may not be enchanted by the first sip, but you’ll be hooked by the time you finish the bottle. About $30 USD.

Disclosure: This was a media sample provided by the distiller for editorial purposes.

photo credit:
bottle shot courtesy of Crop Vodka
tomatoes by EatonAlive ©2012