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Sauvignon Blanc: Tale of Two Countries

by Nannette Eaton on June 21, 2012

 “You looked like the sun
I was the only one
Who could stare until you were done shining on me
And as we drank our wine and let the world fade away
The sunrise tried to end it while we tried to stay”

Joshua Radin

Sauvignon blanc says summer like no other wine. Lemony and bright, it’s what sunlight would taste like if you could bottle it. The flavors of a carefree days with long days fading into late twilight.

Sauvignon blanc has two distinct personalities. Both delicious, but decidedly different. Which sauvignon blanc to do prefer? The elegant, restrained and sometimes austere Sancerre’s or White Bordeaux from the Old World? Or the fresh, vibrant, tropical sauvignon blancs of the New World? Same grape, totally different flavor profiles.

Whatever your palate prefers, Wine Harlots have two picks for a shining summer. Baron de Rothschild (Lafite) Réserve Bordeaux Blanc is an elegant, affordable luxury, with nuanced citrus flavors in the classic style. Prefer fruit in your wine? Try Los Vascos Sauvignon Blanc, the Lafite property in Chile, with more pronounced grapefruit and pineapple notes. And both wines are wallet-friendly, with the Bordeaux retailing for about $15, and the Los Vascos under $10.

What to pair with your sauvignon blanc? Both wines work well with the casually elegant Blackberry Fennel Pizza. The music match is the languid “They Bring Me to You” by Joshua Radin from the album Simple Times.

Disclosure: Both wines were provided by their USA distributor, Pasternak Wines, for the Sauvignon Blanc Day celebrations.

photo credit: EatonAlive ©2012