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Beaujolais & Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

by Nannette Eaton on July 16, 2012

Chicago deep-dish pizza is legendary. Ooey-gooey deliciousness that takes nearly an hour to bake and a single slice is a meal. After the Wines of France Across America Team descended on Chicago we made a bee-line for deep-dish. Of course, we were told when we phoned in the order, “twenty-minutes.” When we arrived a half-hour later, we were told another “twenty-minutes.” (“Twenty-minutes” is the theme of the trip so far — all distances are “twenty-minutes” ). While we waited, we kept working on our phones. But the pie was worth the wait — see the cheesy awesomeness below.
In the near triple digit heat-wave sweeping the Midwest, we chose a lightly chilled Beaujolais, a juicy, fruity affordable wine from gamay grape from the Beaujolais wine region just north of Lyon in Northern France. Beaujolais is a perfect summer red wine, light and refreshing. You might have to wait for your pizza, but Beaujolais is waiting for you, all across America.

Nannette Eaton of Wine Harlots is employed as the Official Blogger/Social Media Correspondent on the Wines of France Across America 2012 promotional tour.

photo credits:
vintage chicago postcard, uncredited.
pizza; Maureen Hautaniemi & Nannette Eaton by Brandon Cummins ©2012 on assignment for Lush Life ©2012