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Best Lip Balm for Wine Drinkers

by Nannette Eaton on November 14, 2012

The quest for the perfect lip balm is never-ending. It’s always something in the product that rules it out – too hard, too soft, weird texture, odd packaging, too expensive, you can’t buy it in the USA, etc. Also thrown into the mix is the reluctance to use petrochemicals in skincare, and outright refusal to use petrolatum, paraffin and mineral oils in a product that you’ll be potentially ingesting. Top it off with the requirement that it needs to be tasteless, you’re got slim pickings indeed. As a wine taster, it’s important not use flavored or scented lip products that might impart a taste to the wine that’s being sampled. But even the most organic, hippy, crunchy, green products seem to have flavor, albeit, “natural.”

The go-to at the Wine Harlots World Headquarters to keep our lips supple is Dr. Bronner’s All-in-One Organic Lip Balm in “Naked.” Dr. Bronner’s is legendary for creating the multi-purpose soap that travelers and hikers find indispensible, with the soap maker’s philosophic meanderings printed on every label. The lip balm follows in the same footsteps, with no petroleum products used, USDA certified organic and not tested on animals. The texture is perfect, both in the summer and winter, and it has no flavor, whatsoever. And at a price of $3 USD per tube, you can afford to have one in every coat and bag you carry. And the name “Naked?” As Wine Harlots we’re all about naked, but we need protection. With Dr. Bronner’s you get both. We’re sold.