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State of the Union

by Nannette Eaton on November 3, 2012

“The politicians were talking themselves red, white and blue in the face.” — Clare Boothe Luce

“Even our fledgling democracy was corrupted by Alcohol. The very sanctity of the right to vote was violated by drink. When election time came around, votes were often bought with liquor.” – James Madison

We boozehounds here at Wine Harlots avoid taking political positions, primarily because it’s bad business. No matter how sound or reasoned your argument is, you risk alienating half your readership, and trust us, we need every view we can get. But after enduring the fourth year of Election 2012, we feel the need to come clean with our audience. Some of you have suspected we had Republican leanings, or suggested we were stanch Democrats, but we must confess that we’re life-long, committed members of the Cocktail Party.

Cocktail Party spokesperson Sure Lee Temple sums up the party platform thusly, “What does cocktail drinking symbolize for us? It symbolizes the place of leisure in human life. In a world where humans have become the slaves of electronic devices, where we are too often working toward some future goal, the cocktail party asks us to pay attention to the here and now, to engage in the ritual of shaking a martini, of choosing a nice cocktail napkin, and sitting down with someone else at the end of a day. It is easy not to make room for leisure, to pack our lives so full of activities that all we can do in the evening is fix dinner and fall into bed. But this is uncivilized. Civilized men and women are conversationalists, and conversation presupposes both leisure and something interesting to say. To associate with others of differing views, though, requires that we not be dogmatic, strident and certain: it is to cultivate a willingness to be refuted as well as to enter into the views of others who differ from us; it is to not insist that one is always right; and perhaps above all to have a sense of humor about oneself. In all this, cocktails tend to help.”

Wine Harlots beseech you to cross party lines and join the Cocktail Party. But if you are moribund in clinging to your political party, we respect that. In fact, we suggest you mix your cocktails on Election Night with either Blue State Straight Bourbon Whiskey designed for Democrats or Red State Straight Bourbon Whiskey for the GOP. Priced at $15 USD, it won’t increase the federal deficit. And after a few highballs, we think you might change alliances. Join us for a drink. Vote for the Cocktail Party.