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Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less

by Nannette Eaton on January 24, 2013

 “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” — Paul Prudhomme

Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less

Free is a very good price, I often say. Today and tomorrow (January 24-25, 2013) you can download a digital copy of Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less from Amazon for no cost. After the promotional period ends, the purchase price of the book will be $3 USD. (Cheaper than your morning latte!)

The eBook has 19 entree recipes with more than 100 wine suggestions to pair with your meal, allowing you to wine-and-dine four people for under $20 USD. Created by Erin Chase of the wildly popular 5 Dollar Dinners and Amy Gross of the defunct wine website Vine Sleuth Uncorked, they offer simple, inexpensive, satisfying and road-tested recipes paired with affordable, food friendly and widely available wines to make weekday dinners easy and entertaining elegant and effortless. I appreciate that the wine pairing choices are labels that are widely available at your local grocery store or wine shop, nothing is more frustrating than trying to find the alluring wine you just read about, and can’t – most busy mom’s and working professionals have limited time, and chasing down a highly allocated wine isn’t really most people’s idea of a good time. (Ok, it is my idea of a good time, but you already know I’m a bit of a wine-freak-show).

I like that Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less provides at least five different wine pairing suggestions with each meal, so you can see the wide variety of wines that can complete each dish, and after you try a few, you’ll be able to graduate to a few daring pairings on your own. I’m going to prepare the Honey Ginger Salmon and pair it with a vouvray from the Loire Valley in France and a pinot noir from the Anderson Valley in Mendocino.

To download your copy of  Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less click the book title or the book jacket to navigate to Amazon. Even if you don’t have a Kindle or an iPad, you can download the book to view on your computer.