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Give a Kickstart to Entrepreneurs: Worthy Kickstarter Projects to Fund

by Nannette Eaton on March 31, 2013

“You have to speak your dream out loud” – Kelly Corrig


Wine Harlots are huge fans of Kickstarter, a new way to fund projects by crowdsourced funding. We’ve told you about the successfully funded products the wine rack STACT and the Mason Cocktail Shaker. Today we have three more worthy of your consideration for funding.

latitude wine bar The first is the Latitude Wine Bar, a new drinking establishment in Bluffton, South Carolina by Jean Wilson, better known in the blogging and social media realm as the Red Wine Diva, who envisions the bar just outside Hilton Head to be welcoming and homey to tourists and locals alike. Looking to support a wine bar? Here’s your opportunity.

glass over candles kickstarter

Glassed Over is an established business looking for a little capital to grow. Glassed Over makes ecological soy wax candles using recycled wine bottles as the container. Just shy of their goal with three days left, give them the final push and score a cool candle for yourself or you favorite oenophile.
rx bitters kickstarter

Rx Bitters Co. (pronounced “prescription bitters”) is a San Diego based bitters company created by mixologists, and who better to create a better bitter than a bartender? Two days are left on their campaign; show your love of cocktails by showing support.

Rolling Stones says “Kickstarter funds the future.” Fund the future by supporting start-ups and visionaries, the one’s who have the courage to speak their dreams out loud.