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Ottimino Zinfinity 2008

by Nannette Eaton on March 1, 2013

“To infinity… and beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear

To zinfinity and beyond!

Wine Harlots ♥ Ottimino Zinfinity. Ottimino focuses on zinfandel —  they only grape they produce is zinfandel, with their flagship offerings are significantly priced higher than the Zinfinity. With Zinfinity, Ottimino is producing a wine with their trademark quality for under $15. And Wine Harlots ♥ great values. Wine Harlots also ♥ deliciousness, and the Zinfinity delivers with rich flavors of blackberries, black cherries, with plums and vanilla with a finish that goes to eternity.

The perfect pairing? With zinfandel it’s go big or go home. Zinfandel has a particular infinity for red meats and bold flavors. Beef, lamb and venison are a marriage made in heaven. Dishes with intense spices like black pepper and pungent flavors like parmesan are ideally suited for zinfandel. We think Flank Steak with Artichoke Potato Hash & Aleppo-Pepper Aioli would be awesome to pair with the Zinfinity. The music match is “Infinite and Unforeseen” by k.d. lang from the album All You Can Eat. May you drink Zinfinity in perpetuity.

The details: 13.9% alcohol. Cork closure. Appellation: Sonoma County. Grapes: zinfandel 89%, petite sirah. Suggested retail: $14. This was a media sample provided by the winery for editorial consideration.