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Moving Target

by Nannette Eaton on May 29, 2013

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”― Albert Einstein

When I have bouts of insomnia, I turn to favorite movies while the rest of the world slumbers. Besides my classic can’t-sleep favorites, the Boondock Saints franchise, I’m rather fond of Wild Target. Wild Target is a 2010 British black-comedy starring the sublime Bill Nighy as a middle-aged hit man with mommy-issues and Emily Blunt as a slightly dim con artist who ripped-off the wrong mark – add the ginger from the Harry Potter films with supporting work by Rupert Everett and Martin Freeman (Watson in the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and currently The Hobbit) shake and let the madcap hijinks ensue. The scene when we are introduced to the Blunt character a shiny bicycle is figured prominently and with such savoir faire, you yearn to take one for a spin. I’m longing for the new models from the just launched Martone Cycling Co. The cruisers aren’t cheap at $900 USD, but you’ll make up in style what you lose in cents.

Martone Cycling Co.

Of course, you’ll want to store your bicycle in style, too. The British firm Trophy has created bike racks styled like bull and deer heads to mount your prize bike. Priced at £79 GBP or $120 USD (based on 1 GDP = 1.51 USD). Wine Harlots say whether you are a moving target or a wild target, just make sure you’re not an easy target.

Trophy Bull Horns Bike Rake