Open Letter to Encinitas: Kill the Anti-Business Cinderella Ordinance

by Nannette Eaton on July 10, 2013


The City of Encinitas, California, a beach town in Southern California, thirty miles north of San Diego, is considering enacting an Ordinance that would require restaurants and bars to close at midnight, which I have dubbed the “Cinderella Ordinance.” This measure will be heard tonight, July 10, 2013 at the Encinitas City Council Meeting. If you live in San Diego County or visit or vacation here, please consider lending your voice and showing support by signing the petition against the Cinderella Ordinance.

encinitas sign cinderella inititave

Dear Mayor Teresa Barth, Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer, and City Council Members Kristin Gaspar, Tony Kranz and Mark Muir:

I am imploring you not to enact the Cinderella Ordinance tonight at the Encinitas City Council Meeting. The Cinderella Ordinance, which would require restaurants and bars to close at midnight is not in the best interests of the citizens of Encinitas.

As a Encinitas resident the past eighteen years, I have seen changes in our beach community, and not all of them for the best. I understand the City Council’s mandate, but passing the Cinderella Ordinance will not help in increasing the quality of life for your constituents.

The Cinderella Ordinance proposal came into existence because of real or perceived concerns about increased driving under the influence (DUI), crimes against persons and property crimes in Encinitas. I haven’t properly evaluated the crime statistics to determine if there is a bona fide trend in anti-social behavior, so I will trust this an actual problem, not simply politicians creating problems where none exist.

No one wants Encinitas to become Pacific Beach. But by enacting the Cinderella Ordinance, you are harming small business – which is bad business for Encinitas.

Most of the bars and restaurants in our town are small locally owned businesses. Generally they are single locations, or perhaps they may have another location in the county. Encinitas doesn’t have a lot of chain establishments, which is part of our charm, but it is also a detriment, there aren’t other locations to support and subsidize the loss of revenue that will occur if the Cinderella Ordinance passes. Loss of revenue means potentially a higher rate of business closures, in an industry that already has a significant failure rate. Mandating that a business close two hours early will be financially devastating to the workers who rely on these jobs for their livelihood. Plus, the loss in revenue is a loss in the tax base, which will result in decreased services for the residents of Encinitas. It’s bad economics anyway you look at it.

Use the tax dollars the City would have lost if Cinderella Ordinance was enacted and step-up enforcement in the anti-social behaviors that have been identified as significant issues. Don’t destroy businesses and eliminate jobs. It’s a bad idea anytime, but in this economy it’s plain stupid. Don’t let the Cinderella Ordinance turn Encinitas into a pumpkin. Vote no.


Nannette R. Eaton

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Nannette Eaton July 10, 2013 at 1:01 pm

This was just received by the Encinitas Deputy Mayor:

Dear Ms. Eaton:

There is no proposed ordinance to mandate a midnight closing time. We are going to consider a temporary moratorium on new or expanded alcohol-serving establishments tonight. No other specific proposals have been put forth. We may consider this idea in the coming weeks, but if so, there will be a full opportunity for public input.

Lisa Shaffer
Deputy Mayor
City of Encinitas

Please be aware that any communication involving City of Encinitas issues could be considered a public record and subject to disclosure.

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