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Pepi Wines

by Nannette Eaton on July 28, 2013

 “For the first six months, all she wanted was honest labor, finely crafted novels, and surf.” — Eve Babitz

Pepi Winery White WinesPepi Wines are for casual wine drinkers in casual situations. If you happen to be deeper on the path of your wine journey, Pepi is not the destination for you. I personally didn’t find there was a lot of flavor or character in the pinot grigio and savignon blanc, but the casual wine drinkers in the crowd loved the Pepi and the bottles were emptied rapidly. Pepi Wines are readily available at most grocery store shelves and the price of $8-10 USD make it appealing for casual barbeques or a day at the beach – the wine label has a fun 60’s retro feel of reminiscent of surfboards.

The perfect pairing is the California staple Fish Tacos, white wine’s acidity works well with the beer battered fish and tangy sauce. The music match is the beachy classic “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac from the album Heart Shaped World.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2013