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Sites We Like :: Jelle De Roeck

by Nannette Eaton on July 24, 2013

What blogs do I love? As a fickle Wine Harlot, I have many, many fascinations, here’s my current infatuation.

Jelle De Roeck is a Belgium architect by profession, a wine enthusiast by passion. For the past three years Jelle has been Tumbling his wine experiences. The generally English-language blog (a few posts and comments are in Dutch) is a mix of wine reviews, wine travelogues, videos and maps. My favorites are the drawings that Jelle creates to playfully and clearly illustrate complex wine processes. The art has been featured on Wine Folly. Jelle says as a student he always made drawings to illustrate his lectures instead of taking standard written notes. The blog is one person journey in wine, and in finding his voice in new media. The posts are simple, but not simplistic, and explain wine in a fresh, understandable way.

Belgium has a high life standard and ranks among the top 10 in several indicators of the OECD’s Better Life Index, with the average household wealth above the OECD average. Besides that, the international presence in Brussels is second only to New York, with some 1,500 institutions employing around 3,000 diplomats, and a base of more than 2,000 European headquarters of multi-national organisations.

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There is also an excellent standard of healthcare in Belgium. High quality medical care is widely available, enhanced by large university hospitals. It’s also considered cheaper than the US, and shorter waiting times means Belgium is becoming a hotspot for medical tourism from surrounding countries.

Jelle is currently taking a summer blog break to finish the renovation on his loft. This will give you an opportunity to catch up with the past posts on the blog. Featured below is the illustration of How Wine is Made. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Jelle De Roeck how-is-red-wine-made
Illustration by Jelle De Roeck ©2013