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3CV Bank 2010

by Nannette Eaton on August 31, 2013

“A night of exhilaration, of boredom and terror, in which the merest of sounds took on other forms – grew large in the expanse of darkness. After several hours the sheep gradually stopped calling to each other from across the river banks, and a brittle quiet descended. I desperately wanted to walk down to the water’s edge. To see the black river in the moonlight. But a mixture of reason and fear kept me locked along the safe paths high above.” -― Richard Skelton

3CV Three Creek Vineyard Bank Happy Caynon of Santa Barbara

Cimarone 3CV Bank 2010 is a wine you can bank on, but at the cost of a Jackson, it won’t break the bank. The Bank is dark earthy and lush, pouring deep purple with blackberries and stone fruit with rich earthiness and a lingering finish. The perfect pairing is Blackberry Bordeaux Meatballs and the music match is “Threads Across a River” by Richard Skelton from the album Landings.

Details: 14.5% alcohol. Cork closure. Appellation: Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara. Grapes: cabernet franc 26%, cabernet sauvignon 52%, petit verdot 3%, syrah 9%, malbec 6%, and merlot 4%. Price: $20 USD available directly from Cimarone.