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Booze Shoes :: FlipSidez Flip Flop Sandals

by Nannette Eaton on August 6, 2013

Its Five Oclock Somewhere FlipSidez Imbossed Sole Flip Flop Sandles

Wine Harlots love custom. I’m sure it’s a deep-seated pathological need based on having such an unusual name – there were no off-the-rack personalized pencils or bicycle license plates with my name on it growing up. Wine Harlots also love cool and quirky. Thus, I’m enamored over the FlipSidez flip flop sandals, where the sole of the shoe can be embossed with any name, brand or slogan you can create, and as you walk on the beach, your message is imprinted into the sand. The idea options are as limitless as grains of sand. The cost for the standard flip flop is $20 USD, with the triple-layer premium sole at $25 USD, with discounts beginning at ten pairs. Next time you’re on the beach, be on the lookout for the “Wine Harlots, virtue of vice” message in the sand.

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Photo credit: FlipSidez ©2013