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Capabunga Wine Bottle Closure

by Nannette Eaton on August 11, 2013

capabunga wine bottle closure tilted bottle

What do the Wine Harlots use to reseal wine bottle in the unlikely event that there is leftover wine? The cork it came with. Why? Not because it’s a great closure to reuse in the refrigerator, but because my meathead housemates consistently throw out any reusable closure. Seriously. I live with idiots. But you make due with the cards you are dealt. Re-using cork closures isn’t ideal, as the protruding cork oftentimes doesn’t fit on the shelves vertically, and storing them horizontally occasionally causes seepage in the fridge. What other options are out there? These bottle stoppers are 1970’s lame. Wine Harlots love the Zork closure on wine bottles (and not just because of the Zork’s cheeky slogan, “easier to get off”) but because they are great to reuse on other bottles. But the wine industry hasn’t embraced the Zork closure, so they’re hard to find in the marketplace. If you are a big wine enthusiast then you should definitely take these wine and beer tours.

What is a hapless Harlot to do with this perplexing wine dilemma? Capabunga to the rescue! Capabunga is a low-profile wine bottle closure, that is leak-free even when wine bottles are stored horizontally The two-pack costs $8 USD, and the Wine Harlots suggest going with the solid colors, as the preprinted Capabunga messages are very lowest-common-denominator, but it’s an excellent promotional item to have your logo on, like these from  J Wines, Goosecross and Wines That Rock. 

capabunga wine bottle closure
Photo credit: Capabunga ©2012