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Mason Shaker W&P Cocktail Kit

by Nannette Eaton on August 30, 2013

mason shaker w and p cocktail kit satchel thirst aid kit

Bartender’s are often thought of therapists due to all the listening to customers they do behind the bar. And therapists are medical professionals, and doctors make house calls. So to the Wine Harlots way of thinking, bartender’s should make house calls. How do you like that logic? Our friends at Mason Shaker like that logic just fine. If you recall, Mason Shaker was a funded Kickstarter project that turned a Mason canning jar into a cocktail shaker. And the boys are at it again creating a cocktail kit to make the Wine Harlots fantasy of House Call Cocktails a reality. The Mason Shaker W&P Cocktail Kit ($279 USD) is housed in a leather and canvas carpenter’s satchel, it contains the Mason Shaker, a muddler, a jigger, four Custom Cocktail Napkins made from linen and four French picardie tumblers, just add ice and alcohol and you have everything you need for the next Cocktail Emergency.

Photo credit: Joshua Williams ©2013