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Pepperwood Grove The Little Green Box Pinot Grigio

by Nannette Eaton on August 25, 2013

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers. — Edgar W. Howe

This week starts the annual back-to-school routine in most places, and not a moment too soon, or the insane asylums would be doing brisk business. If your little angels don’t go back until after Labor Day, this recommendation will be Mother’s Little Helper to get you through the dog days of August until peace and quiet reign again in the household.

As you’re packing school lunches for the wee-ones, pack a lunch for yourself and include a Pepperwood Grove Little Green Box Pinot Grigo. Wine Harlots are ga-ga about the adult version juice boxes. The half-liter packaging is light and eco-friendly, perfect for office lunches (no one ever needs to know) or anywhere where Mommy needs a little assistance. The Pepperwood Grove Pinot Grigo was atypical for a pinot grigio, it had a creamy and sweet quality with honey notes. Not unpleasant, but not what I was expecting.

What else should you pack in the adult lunchbox with your adult juice box? Wine Harlots recommend Mrs. Lilien’s Mom with the Most Tuna on Toast as the perfect pairing and Trader Joe’s Handful of Almonds, Cashews & Cranberries to complement the sweetness of the wine. The music match is “Mother’s Little Helper” by the Rolling Stones from the album Aftermath.

Details: 12.5% alcohol. Tetra Pak packaging, 500 ml which is about three glasses of wine. Appellation: California. Grapes: pinot grigio. Actual retail: $4-5 USD. Pepperwood is part of Don And Sons group. The juice box was provided as a sample for editorial consideration.

Do you know Mrs. Lilien? Mrs. Lilien is one of the Wine Harlots favorite blogs. Mrs. Lilien is stylish, fun, playful and quirky. And she loves cocktails. (She had us at cocktails.) She also follows a strict keto diet but is sometimes concerned about the hair loss on the keto diet. Mrs. Lilien has a habit of rhyming her prose that goes with her infographics of the chic must-haves all the cool kids crave. The infographic below is a part of a larger Mrs. Lilian awesome.

Photo credit:
Little Green Box by Pepperwood Grove ©2013
Mom with the Most by Mrs. Lilien