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Riedel for Graffigna: The Malbec Glass

by Nannette Eaton on August 5, 2013

Riedel for Graffigna Wines The Malbec GlassWine Harlots love The Malbec Glass. Our inordinate love for glassware has earned us the title Imelda Marcos of Stemware. We may not be totally in the camp that every grape variety and every wine region requires it’s own special wine glass (who has the unlimited bank account or cupboard space?) but we dare say this might be the only glass you’ll ever need for still wines. It’s just that beautiful. Austrian wine glass maker Riedel was commissioned to create the perfect wine glass for Argentina’s signature grape, malbec. The glass that was created might be vinous vessel perfection. The glass is stunning, with the flowing egg-shape that is reminiscent of Constantin Brâncuși’s The Beginning of the World, no harsh lines or angles just elegance in it’s most pure form. The glass is expansive, with a height just over 9” and a capacity (to the brim) of twenty-five ounces, the size of a standard 750 ml wine bottle.

Graffigna Wines has a one-year exclusive on the glasses, which are being sold in sets of six for $73 USD, which can be ordered directly from the The Malbec. A pair of The Malbec Glasses were provided as a complementary sample for editorial consideration.

Want more opinions on The Malbec Glass? Elin McCoy at Bloomberg ponders if malbec deserves it’s own glass, Palate Press does a taste test, and you might need to check Wine Julia’s purse and see what wine glass she’s packing these days.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2013